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Enjoy the benefits of living in, or visiting this splendid village community!

Cilcain is one of the finest places to live in North East Wales. Many families move home within Cilcain, but few leave the village! Find out about the wide range of village activities.  If you organise a village activity, or offer a trade or service, let me know so that you can be included.

Visit Cilcain Community Cafe

Saturday afternoons

Cilcain Village Hall

Find out about

Cilcain Play Group  HERE

War memorials in the church and chapel

Keith Humphreys has researched the names on the war memorials in our church and chapel and has published the details on the Flintshire War Memorials web site.  Why not take a look on this 100th anniversary of the Great War?

Click on names on the memorial for more information.

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Bad news for oil users

Oil is no longer the least expensive heating fuel in the UK

Electricity Standard Rate       15.0 p/KWh

Mains Gas Standard              5.3 p/KWh  

Kerosene @ 50p Litre          5.6  p/KWh  (May 2018)

Propane @ 74.24p Litre         11.7 p/KWh

Seasoned Wood 19.32p Kg    5.8 p/KWh

Pellets                                   5.5 p/KWh

Air Source Heat Pump           6.9 p/KWh

Coal                                      5.8 p/Kwh                     

News in Cilcain


If you are a visitor to our village we hope you enjoy the splendid scenery around Cilcain and whatever activity you set out to do.

But Please -

Don’t be a tosser - Take your litter home!

Charity No / Rhif Elusen: 1097861         

Annual General Meeting/ Cyfarfod Blynyddol Cyffredinol

7.30pm Wednesday, 19th September, Cilcain Chapel

7.30pm Nos Fercher, 19eg Medi Capel Gad, Cilcain

About the Gwyl  

Set up originally by local musician Peryn Clement-Evans and friends to help raise funds for the starving in Ethopia, the Gwyl evolved into a yearly week-long music and arts festival. Although there hasn’t been a Gwyl since 2012, the charity behind the festival is still going and there are there are funds in the kitty to support the arts locally.  

So, if you want to see the arts continue to flourish in Cilcain then come along to the AGM or email your ideas to    

Am yr wyl.  

Wedi'i sefydlu'n wreiddiol gan y cerddor lleol Peryn Clement-Evans a chyfeillion i helpu i godi arian i'r newynog yn ethopia, esblygodd yr wyl yn wyl gerddoriaeth a Chelfyddydau wythnos o hyd. Er na fu Gwyl ers 2012, mae'r elusen y tu ôl i'r wyl yn dal i fynd ac mae arian yn y Gronfa i gefnogi'r celfyddydau yn lleol.  

Felly, os ydych chi am weld y Celfyddydau'n parhau i ffynnu yng Nghilcain, yna dewch draw i'r cyfarfod cyffredinol blynyddol neu e-bostiwch eich syniadau at


Everyone Welcome!     Croeso i Bawb!