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Safari Dinner Safari dinner

Safari Dinner

The Safari Dinner (or Supper, it’s controversial!)  is an annual event intended to help village residents get to know each other and to raise funds for the benefit of the village hall.

The event usually takes place in mid to late summer and requires some talent in organisation! Participating couples are required to prepare one part of a three course dinner either starter, main course or pudding for three couples (including themselves).  Participants are told which course they will be preparing a few days before the dinner, but no one knows where they will be going for their other courses until the day of the event. Even more exciting, no one knows who is coming to their house until they arrive! After each course the assembled party split up and go to their next venue to eat with another group of people.  Finally everyone gets together for coffee etc. either in the village hall. The pub or sometimes at the organisers’ home.

If you are new to the village the Safari Dinner is a great

way to make new friends within the community

This event forms the basis of a really good social evening. Participants try to impress with their cooking and wine tends to pour freely!          

The last event was superbly organised by Ray and Fiona who not only managed to synchronise the movements of twenty-one couples without failure, but entertained hardier participants back at their home until the early hours of Sunday morning. On behalf of all participants “many thanks” and I look forward to the next one!